Poker is the new sport 
for business minds.

Golf is yesterday's news

Business minds who love poker:

I’ve noticed, empirically, there seems to be a high correlation between playing poker and being a successful startup founder.

Which leader said this?

The two things that taught me the most about business, are poker and angel investing. So I recommend both of those.

Which leader said this?

I think poker is the most incredible game and training ground for business. I would encourage all of you to play with your friends… it’s a beautiful, beautiful game.

Which leader said this?

Poker applies strategies and decisions that are equally applicable to business and investing.

Which leader said this?

Why do leaders love poker so much?

Poker is Intimately Social:

  1. They use it as a social tool to meet other interesting people / build deeper relationships with their teams and colleagues.

  2. It’s a great way to unwind and socialize with others.

The game aligns with their business activities:

Poker involves making strategic decisions based on incomplete information, a skill that is also important in business.

In poker, players must decide how to play their hand based on the cards they have been dealt + evaluating the actions of other players and the bets that have been placed. This requires a combination of analytical thinking and intuition, which are also valuable skills in business.

Poker requires discipline and the ability to manage risk. Players must be able to assess the risks and rewards of each decision and make choices that are in line with their overall strategy.

This is similar to the way that business leaders must make decisions about investments and other business opportunities.

Finally, poker is a social game that requires players to be able to read and react to other players emotions and body language.

This can be valuable in business, where understanding and interpreting the emotions and intentions of others is often important for building relationships.

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